Sandler Swerve Sneakers BLACK Australia

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Sandler Swerve Sneakers BLACK Sandler Swerve Sneakers BLACK Australia price $99.95.

Buy Sandler Swerve Sneakers BLACK. Proudly Australian and family-owned, Sandler shoes have been worn and enjoyed by millions of women, establishing it as an iconic fashion brand. Sandler offers a broad range of contemporary looks that have the perfect balance between fashion direction, exceptional quality and consistent fitting. Timelessly stylish, look to the brand for well-crafted shoes and.- Approx. 1.5cm Sole- Micro suede upper, Synthetic lining & Synthetic grip sole- Standard fit B-fit- Round toe shape- Contrasted side detailing- Lace-up detailing for ultimate fit and comfort
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Sandler - Swerve - Sneakers (BLACK) Swerve
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Sandler - Swerve - Sneakers (BLACK) Swerve